Stop your business stopping

This is an online service to help you keep track of checks, training and inspections on property, equipment and people within your business.

For a monthly fee you can build a list of the things and people you depend on together with a set of checks that need to be carried out on each of them. You will then get notices and alerts by email and SMS as these checks become due.

Get your ducks in line

Our service can help you to anticipate and schedule safety checks and training so that you spend less of your time reacting to urgent compliance issues and more time running your business.

This service is in development now, if you think you'd benefit from it or would like a trial we would love to hear from you;

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Tailored to your business

Because no two businesses are run in the same way, this service can easily be customised to describe the things you depend on, and the checks on those things. For instances you can specify the renewal intervals of training certificates for staff or the time between fire inspections.

Delegate and oversee

Set up any number of roles to describe responsibilities within your business, for instance roles for those in control of Fire, Cars or warehouses.

Management Reporting

The service produces reports of upcoming and overdue checks. This overview can help you anticipate for the cost of complying with legistlation.


The service uses a secure https connection to encrypt your information. You can set up more than one user to administer your account.

A convenient on-line service

You can access reports and look at the current situation from anywhere on the Internet. If you've been using a spreadsheet to keep this kind of data then you'll no longer be tied to one laptop.

Don't feel locked in

Your data is your's can be downloaded as a spreadsheet that describes everything you have told us about your business. Because this service is paid for by the month, there is no need to feel locked in.