How to add a new business

You can keep track of as many businesses as you need. Set up each one using a step by step process.

  • Give the business a name
  • Tell us the general roles that people perform, Managing Director, Operations Manager, Driver ...
  • Pick from a list of kinds of liability that matter for this business
  • Decide which roles should receive emails about upcoming deadlines for each kind of liability

How add people and an address

You can give each client one or more addresses.

Decide which people will get notifications and alerts. You can assign roles at the same time.

Adding liabilities

A liability is anything that you need to check on. It might be a person, a vehicle, a fire area in a building or a kitchen.

Each kind of liability has a set of periodic checks. In a later step you can define new kinds of liability and new checks on the

Specific liabilities belong to businesses, but the general types of liability are system wide.